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Adonis Extension grey

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Saatavuus: Varastossa

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Providemore sensual pleasure with the Adonis Extension. 

Total lenght: 16cm

Diameter: 3,75cm

Color: Grey

The translucent erection enhancer is designed for maximized ecstasy, super-sized dimensions and mutual stimulation satisfaction. Slip on the enhancer and instantly add a full 2”/5 cm to length, to deliver unforgettable enjoyment and create more excitement in the bedrooom.

The easy to use enhancer is ideal for first time and experienced users, and is great for spontaneous seduction that goes on and on. The Adonis Extension offers a one size fit that is easily trimmed to your desired size. The smooth tipped extension is made from super soft, unscented phthalate free TPR, and features sensual pleasure ridge swirls and textured nubs and teasers for an accentuated erotic experience. To enjoy the heightenedsensations , always use a water-basedlube . The discreet Adonis Extension is comfortable to wear and ensures secure erection support for a rock hard peak performance.Use the super soft enhancer while exploring your wildest erotic fantasies and red-hot desires, and prolong your pleasure.

Before and after use, remember to clean the textured sleeve with a toy cleaner spray or mild soapy water.