Anna The Photographer


A day in the privacy of a very hot photo shoot...

Anna is a photographer specializing in lingerie and underwear. A new contract embarked for a day in the sublime setting of a country villa, where she must photograph the pretty Cléa for a brand of swimwear. But what was to be a photo shoot like the others quickly switches into debauchery ...

Ricky, the very bossy boss of the agency that employs Cléa, must be forgiven by her after humiliating her in public. And nothing like a doggy style in an isolated room to snuggle! Meanwhile, Anna discovers the treasures that enclose this huge villa. It is guided by Pascal, the owner of the place, a little returned by the half-naked women parading in his house ... Anna finds this mature man perfectly to his taste, and it's good, it's reciprocal: the sofa the living room will long remember those two! As for Rico, the assistant head in the air of the photo agency, he is less stupid than he seems, and is an outstanding lover when he coaches Cléa in a shelter from looks ... Soon, everyone will have slept with everyone, and Anna will be happy about her career choice: photographer, what a foot!

Casting : Anna Polina, Cléa Gaultier

Duration 1h 20min

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BrandMarc Dorcel
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