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AQUATIC SOLENE, Seksilelut ja seksivälineet , Seksikauppa, Uudet tuotteet, Naisten seksilelut ja seksivälineet, Klitoriskiihottimet ja Vibraattorit


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The Solene stimulator from the Aquatic collection by Dream Toys has stylish rose gold coloured buttons and a firm round top. Solenes powerful motor offers 7 vibration patterns and 3 speeds. It is made of double layer silicone and ABS, IPX7 waterproof and body safe, phthalate-free and latex-free. Because of double layer silicone it has dual density: soft outside and harder inside. Operation can be done with the two buttons at the base. The Solene stimulator is rechargeable with the included USB-pin-cable. 

  • Aquatic collection: Aqua blue silicone toys, equipped with stylish rose gold coloured buttons and a matching packaging with rose gold print.

  • Solene stimulator with a firm round top

  • Dual Density

  • 1 Powerful motor

  • 7 Vibration patterns and 3 speeds

  • Rechargeable, USB-pin cable included

  • Made of double layer silicone and ABS

  • Waterproof IPX7

  • Dimensions: 10,0 cm length, 4,0 cm diameter

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