Black&White, Anaalitappi


Introducing our Black & White Realistic Plugs, the perfect addition to your intimate collection. These compact yet satisfying anal plugs feature a lifelike design for heightened pleasure. Crafted from smooth, easy-to-clean materials, they ensure a comfortable and hygienic experience. Equipped with a strong suction cup base, these plugs offer versatile use for solo play or adventurous couples' exploration. With approximately 11 cm in length, they provide just the right amount of stimulation for beginners and experienced users alike.

Usage Ideas/Benefits for Grown-Ups:

  1. Solo Pleasure: Explore new sensations and discover heightened pleasure during solo play sessions with the lifelike design and comfortable size of the Black & White Realistic Plugs.
  2. Couple's Play: Spice up your intimate moments with your partner by incorporating these plugs into your bedroom activities. The versatility of the suction cup base allows for hands-free fun and endless exploration.
  3. Anal Training: Whether you're a beginner or looking to advance your anal play skills, these plugs offer a comfortable and gradual way to explore anal stimulation and relaxation.

Usage Ideas/Benefits for Middle-Aged Couples:

  1. Rekindle Romance: Inject excitement and novelty into your relationship by introducing the Black & White Realistic Plugs as a new element of intimacy. Explore each other's desires and fantasies in a safe and pleasurable way.
  2. Intimate Connection: Enhance your emotional and physical connection with your partner by engaging in shared exploration and experimentation with these stimulating plugs.
  3. Sensory Exploration: Stimulate your senses and awaken dormant desires by incorporating these plugs into your sensual experiences. Allow yourselves to indulge in new sensations and pleasures together.

Remember to always prioritize communication, consent, and mutual enjoyment when exploring new intimate activities with your partner.

13,90 €

Pieni ja mukava anaalitappi.
Valmistettu hyvin liukuvasta ja helposti puhdistettavasta materiaalista.
Pituus noin 11 cm.

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