Silikoniset vaginan treenikuulat


Kolmet erikokoiset vagina/treenikuulat.
Materiaali allergiavapaata silikonia.


  • S: 12x3.5 cm
  • M: 15.5x3.0 cm
  • L: 16.5x3.2 cm
Tarjoushinta 27,93 € Normaalihinta 39,90 €

Key Features for Empowered Wellness:

  • Three-Stage Set: Comprising soft and smooth pelvic balls in sizes Small, Medium, and Large, this set allows for gradual progression and customization of your pelvic floor training.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for women about to give birth, those who have recently delivered, individuals seeking enhanced orgasmic experiences, or those dealing with urinary incontinence, these love balls are a multi-faceted tool for sexual health.
  • Premium Quality Material: Made from silicone, these vaginal balls are not only comfortable and body-safe but also easy to clean, ensuring a hygienic and pleasurable experience.
  • Waterproof: The waterproof nature of these love balls makes them versatile for use in various settings and easy to clean, adding convenience to your wellness routine.

Why Choose Silicone Vagina Smart Love Balls?

  • Targeted Wellness: Specifically designed to address common concerns among women related to pelvic health, offering a proactive approach to improving quality of life.
  • Progressive Training: With three sizes, the set supports a gradual increase in pelvic floor strength, allowing for tailored exercises that match your individual needs and progress.
  • Enhanced Pleasure and Health: Regular use can lead to more powerful orgasms, improved control over urinary functions, and preparation or recovery from childbirth.
  • Discreet and Convenient: Their waterproof and easy-to-clean design, coupled with the quality material, makes them a discreet and practical addition to your wellness routine.
BrandHotlips - Sex toys
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