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For Shona River and Megan Lopez, sex is more than a pleasure, it's a way of life. It's been a few months since the two young women met by chance during a party organized by a rich common friend. They quickly realized that they shared many common interests such as luxury goods, men, and sex. Since then, they have moved in together and are living a life of lust and pleasure on their own.

This morning, Shona got up early to go on her first date. Totti, the businessman she has to meet, knows exactly what he wants, which limits useless discussions. A regular customer of the young woman, he knows by heart all her qualities and has decided to share them with one of his colleagues. Shona likes to spend time with him and never refuses new play partners. Blindfolded, simply dressed in a set of lingerie that hides nothing of her perfect curves, she demonstrates to both men that fellatio is one of her specialties. Once these preliminaries are over, she gets down to business by inviting her partners to take her in double penetration, her other specialty. Once the two men have cum on her magnificent breasts, Shona knows she has perfectly fulfilled her mission before leaving to honor her other appointments of the day.


Tonight, Charlie Dean needs company. He's working on a huge project that's taking up all his time, so whenever he can, he contacts lovely young women ready to take his mind off his professional worries. The brunette Catherine Knight is a real specialist in the genre. Dressed in a tight leather dress and high heels, she knows by heart the tastes of her partner and intends to help him to release all the pressure accumulated these last days. Charlie loves to lick and play with the feet of his conquests before making intense love to them. This date with Catherine will certainly not be the last.

Although they share the same apartment, Megane and Shona rarely get to spend time together and this day will be no different. As Shona relaxes and plans her day, Megane goes out and gets into the luxury car of the couple who just hired her services. Cherry Kiss and Totti live a little outside the city, in a beautiful villa away from prying eyes. They have a busy life, both professionally and sexually, but from time to time they invite young women like Megane to spend some quality time with them. Although the pretty blonde has a taste for men, she never refuses to share her time with women, especially when they are as pretty and hot as Cherry. Cherry loves to watch her husband have fun with other women, but only if she can participate.


In an attempt to get over her recent breakup, Lika Star asked her best friend to visit her for a little chat before throwing away all of her ex's stuff and trying to get her life back together. The young woman certainly didn't expect her friend to have a handsome man delivered to her home whose qualities are to comfort all the women who call on him. Once the surprise has passed, Lika lets herself be seduced by the stranger and intends to take advantage of this opportunity which is given to her to finally take pleasure with an expert. Anyway, her ex was not good in bed... She knows perfectly well that Kristof will not interfere in her life so, why sulk her pleasure? Might as well make the most of it.

After a week rich in emotions, Shona and Megane finally have the opportunity to spend some time together, far from their daily constraints. Giving pleasure to strangers is good, but why not take advantage of the present moment and think a little about yourself? Tonight, the two young women will only think about themselves and nothing else. They could very well have gone out to a restaurant or a private club but for once, to relax, they will take care of each other...

Actors: Cherry Kiss, Lika Star, Shona River, Megane Lopez, Catherine Knight


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