Galaxia, sininen anaalidildo


Introducing the Galaxia Blue Anal Dildo, a versatile pleasure toy designed to elevate your intimate experiences. Crafted from blue jelly material, this dildo offers the perfect combination of flexibility and firmness for satisfying anal or vaginal stimulation.

With a length of 18 cm and a diameter ranging from 1.5 to 3 cm, this dildo is ideal for both beginners and experienced users. Its smooth texture and gentle curves provide pleasurable sensations, whether used for anal play or vaginal penetration.

Enjoy solo sessions or explore new realms of pleasure with your partner using the Galaxia Blue Anal Dildo. Let your desires take you to the stars with this celestial-inspired toy.

Usage Ideas/Benefits for Grown-Ups:

  1. Solo Pleasure: Indulge in solo play and explore the depths of pleasure with the Galaxia Blue Anal Dildo. Experiment with different angles and depths to discover what brings you the most satisfaction.
  2. Couples' Play: Spice up your intimate moments with your partner by incorporating this dildo into your bedroom activities. Explore new sensations and fantasies together for mutual pleasure and excitement.
  3. Anal or Vaginal Stimulation: Whether you prefer anal or vaginal stimulation, the Galaxia Blue Anal Dildo offers versatile pleasure. Its flexible design and varying diameter cater to your desires, providing a fulfilling experience every time.

Usage Ideas/Benefits for Middle-Aged Couples:

  1. Rekindle Passion: Add a spark of excitement to your relationship with the Galaxia Blue Anal Dildo. Surprise your partner with this stimulating toy and explore new levels of intimacy and pleasure together.
  2. Intimate Connection: Strengthen your emotional and physical connection by sharing intimate moments with this dildo. Communicate openly with your partner and experiment with different sensations to deepen your bond.
  3. Sensory Exploration: Awaken your senses and explore new sensations with the Galaxia Blue Anal Dildo. Let go of inhibitions and indulge in pleasurable experiences that bring you closer as a couple.

Remember to use plenty of water-based lubricant for a comfortable and pleasurable experience, and clean the dildo thoroughly before and after each use.

13,90 €
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Jelly-materiaalista sininen dildo,jota voi tietenkin käyttää niin anaali kuin tavallisessa seksissä. Dildo on sopivan pehmeä ja taipuisa.
Pituus18 cm, halkaisija 1,5 - 3cm.

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