Hännällinen kultainen anaalitappi


Kaunis kultainen anaalitappi, jossa valkoinen aidon näköinen ja tuntuinen häntä.

Häntä sopii myös esileikkiin hellään kutitteluun.


  • S Koko: 7.5x2.8 cm
  • M Koko: 8.5x3.5 cm
  • L Koko: 9.5x4.1 cm
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Designed for Aesthetic and Sensual Delight
The Tail Golden Butt Plug not only promises pleasurable sensations but also adds a visually stunning element to your intimate moments. The golden finish of the plug symbolizes luxury and allure, while the soft white tail invokes a sense of playfulness and fantasy, perfect for thematic sessions or simply to add an aesthetic dimension to your pleasure.

Safe and Comfortable Materials
Crafted with your safety and comfort in mind, the Tail Golden Butt Plug features a smooth, body-safe material for the plug and a soft, fluffy tail that feels delightful against the skin. The materials are easy to clean, ensuring that your experience is not only visually and physically stimulating but also hygienic.

Versatile Use for Enhanced Play
Whether you're looking to spice up your solo sessions or add an exciting element to partner play, the Tail Golden Butt Plug is versatile enough to fit into any scenario. Its aesthetic appeal makes it a perfect choice for special occasions, role-playing, or as a surprising and delightful gift for your partner.

Why Choose the Tail Golden Butt Plug?

  • Elegant Design: The golden plug with a white tail adds a luxurious and playful touch to your intimate moments.
  • Quality Materials: Ensures both safety and comfort, making your experience enjoyable and worry-free.
  • Enhances Play: Perfect for adding visual appeal and tactile pleasure to your explorations.
BrandHotlips - Sex toys
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