la patronne du bar


If you like the "boss tour", you'll love the boss's! Behind her counter, Rose Valérie cares with her clients. She never hesitates to give hers to satisfy the most faithful. So when one of them is still hanging around, she knows perfectly accompany him to the exit by offering him a blowjob that will return him for sure. But the hardest thing in the business is the management of the staff. So when she finds her latest recruit being sodomized with delight by a customer in the back room of his bar, necessarily, she sees red. But chance is good!

The distress of one of his regulars, forced to leave his job after giving in to the perversions of a little tease, will offer him the solution to his problem. She will engage the ideal server who will join the useful to the pleasant by agreeing to make enjoyable extra hours by fucking passionately on the counter once the iron curtain lowered!

Casting : Rose Valérie, Emma Blanc, Luna Rival

Brand Marc Dorcel
Director Les compères
Studio Marc Dorcel
Year 2017
Languages English, French, Polish, Spanish
Total time (min) 98
Tarjoushinta 7,30 € Normaalihinta 14,90 €
BrandMarc Dorcel
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