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Latin Skirt, Hameet ja minihameet

Latin Skirt

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Saatavuus: Varastossa

SKU: CR-3171 1-R6-2

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„Pencil skirts” are going to oblivion, but black colour is still trendy, so now fashion designers will be looking for another styles. This skirt denies typical trends and generate interests between women. Black colour is always fashionable and slenderizes shapes, style of skirt lengthenes legs. This skirt matches to elegant shirts and casual corsets or tops. You can wear it for every occasion, which is a big advantage of this dress, because women don’t like buying a cloth for only one snip. The skirt is made from black and elastic material with frills.

Its great style makes that it fits to every shape.
Like all our lingerie products packedin a beauty full high-glossy gift-box