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Don't be fooled by their innocent looks. Liya Silver and Stefany Kyler are two pleasure experts. Their mission is to satisfy all the fantasies of the men or women who use their services.

Today, the two young women have an appointment with Kristof Cale, a wealthy businessman from the region. He is not very demanding but having already come to his house, Liya and Stefany know perfectly well what excites him. To raise the temperature, they begin by undressing and caressing each other while waiting for their host to join them. After having turned him on, the two pretty brunettes get down to business and intend to enjoy their partner's tense sex. The expert blowjobs of the two escorts would have made any man come in a few moments, but Kristof's experience allows him to make the pleasure last and above all, to share it with his two guests of the day.

Shalina Devine is taking advantage of her new single life to make new experiences. It must be said that his ex-companion was not really focused on sex. She therefore decides to go through a specialized site to meet two men who should satisfy her beyond her expectations. Kristof Cale and Totti will thus realize one of the greatest fantasies of the young woman by playing the role of two inspectors with whom she will have to negotiate in her own way to avoid paying a fine.

With her dream physique, Shalina has no trouble convincing them not to charge her anything. For their part, the two men intend to make the most of the dream body of their client of the day, especially when she offers them all her orifices. Expert in fellatio and adept at sodomy, the pretty blonde will certainly call on their service sooner than expected.

Stefany Kyler knows that the men who call upon her very special skills all have different fantasies. Some, more shy than others, prefer to observe it from a distance. This is the case of Totti who asked him to film himself making love with Raul Costa. Arriving early in the hotel room reserved for her, Stefany begins to film herself while waiting for her evening partner. Once Raul arrives, she takes things directly in the mouth by giving him a blowjob so he will remember for a very long time.

The young man will return the favor with a cunnilingus that will end up exciting the young woman. Always under the eyes of Totti, the couple will share a long moment of pleasure before leaving each on their side. According to this scene, making love knowing that you are being watched seems to increase desire.

Shalina Devine likes men but girls give her a totally different pleasure. To relax a little, she therefore asked Liya Silver to join her to spend the afternoon together. Even though these clients are mostly men, Liya never says no when it comes to giving pleasure to another woman. At first a little surprised to see her client waiting for her caressing herself, Liya quickly takes off her coat to reveal her perfect body before joining Shalina. Between kisses and languorous caresses, the two women also like to play with nice-sized sex toys to take maximum pleasure.

Mia Trejsi and Vince Karter are very much in love with each other and have an almost perfect relationship. At least, that's what the young woman thought until she discovered that her companion occasionally calls on professionals to change him a bit from the daily routine. For his part, Vince is surprised to discover that the escort with whom he has an appointment today is none other than his wife.

Once the shock has passed, the couple realizes that this situation is ultimately very exciting for both of them and that it would be a shame not to take advantage of the present moment. Acting as if nothing had happened, the two lovers make love again as on the first day. What if this experience allowed them to put a little spice back in their sex life?

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