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MARC DORCEL LUXURE : BORROW MY WIFE, Seksifilmit ja seksi DVDt, DVD XXX Marc Dorcel , Seksikauppa


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Saatavuus: Varastossa


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Studio: Marc Dorcel

Production year: 2019

Duration 152 min.

Directed by : Hervé Bodilis

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What if sharing was the future of couples? These lovers are convinced of it, sharing their sexual play with strangers to constantly renew their desire… Adriana, a beautiful, hot-blooded brunette, is offered by her candaulist husband to two men who are experts in the art of sex. Filmed from beginning to end, she satisfies her fantasy of double penetration, all the while knowing that her husband won't miss a second of it… Alexis, who is also very sensitive to anal pleasure, had dreamed about being sodomized while the love of her life watched. As a true gentleman, he surprises her by inviting another partner to give her this gift… Mailyne, a timid young woman attracted by libertinism, takes the step when her husband offers to blindfold her, orchestrating their movements… Blind but not innocent, Mailyne is penetrated by one after the other, without knowing whether it's her husband or his accomplice giving her so much pleasure… And there comes Alexis once again, not satisfied with her first candaulist experience, and who now wants to share her man with… another woman! This turns into a lesbian excursion bordering on voyeurism when her husband takes on the challenge of making lengthy love to the beautiful stranger… Last of all, Rebecca submits to her husband's authoritarian and libertine games with guilty pleasure. On all fours in fancy lingerie, she lets him have fun with increasingly imposing sex toys, before the arrival of a second man turns the experience into a devilish threesome…