Marc Dorcel Luxure Epouse a eduquer


Marc Dorcel Luxure Epouse a eduquer

To preserve the passion and break the routine, young couples explore the boundaries of libertinage by sharing their sexual games with others ... Offered to strangers by husbands, wives discover forbidden fantasies, which they will no longer be able to do without.... Would sharing be the key to loyalty?

"Olivia likes to feel subject to the wishes of her husband Rico, who constantly pushes the limits of their games. This time, he decided to share her with his friend Alberto. Held on a leash, Olivia surrenders to these two men in a perverted triolism..."

Alberto is used to initiating candaulist couples. Elsewhere, he takes pleasure in submitting Lydie in front of Kristof, her voyeur husband.

Meanwhile, Olivia and Rico continue to explore their fantasies. Rico invites Kristof and Cléa, a couple of friends, to a special dinner: here, Olivia's body is on the menu! Cléa initiates the submissive to lesbian sex, then things degenerate and couples mix, in a nasty foursome ....

Kristof is a seducer. To surprise Elle, one of his conquests, he prepares a special birthday meal, with private pianist. But the musician is not there only to play his instrument: he soon joins the party to fill the desires of Celia.

Poopea is waiting for her lover in sexy lingerie, lying on a bed, blindfolded. But this is not the man she was waiting for who joins her: her lover sent a friend in his place, and watches the whole scene from his phone...

Casting : Olivia Nova, Geisha Forza, Clea Gaultier, Elle Rose, Poopea
Year: 2018
Runtime: 115min

14,90 €
BrandMarc Dorcel
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