Marc Dorcel Scandale Aux Vestiaires


Glory, money, beautiful women... Welcome to the world of professional football! But after the referee's final whistle, is everything so wonderful in this universe generating thousands of fantasies?

In this so masculine world, the sexy Liza succeeded to become the most influent players agents. To overtake one of her colleagues, she won't hesitate to use the most deviant methods. To obtain the exclusivity of Joel, a rising star, she will convince him by offering him the most delicious welcome gift. After giving in to the advances of two beautiful models who will fill him with the most enjoyable sexual practices, he will sign his contract eyes closed. But the hardest is yet to come...

Her most important client, Ryan, is about to sign the biggest deal in football history but his sexual life risks to thwart her plans. So she's going to use the most vicious tricks to seal this deal.

Whether it's smothering an article by shamelessly offering her butt to a crooked journalist while she traps him or covering Ryan's infidelities by playing on the venality of his wife Alessandra, Liza won't back off from anything. While Ryan will enjoy a very special treatment session with his physiotherapist, Allessandra, out of revenge, will have orgasmic sex with two of her husband's teammates and will realize that her silence will bring her much more than she could have hoped for...

Everyone finally assuming his own perversions, the sky will clear on Ryan's future. Our kinky agent won't hesitate to celebrate in the most decadent way this new success by enjoying a threesome with her client and his charming wife... And so, the scandal will remain definitively in the cloakroom...

Casting : Liza del Sierra, Rhiannon Ryder, Rina Ellis, Tina Kay, Ella Hugues
Year: 2018
Runtime: 105min

14,90 €
BrandMarc Dorcel
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