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Metal Plug with Suction Cup, Seksilelut ja seksivälineet , Anaalitapit ja anaalikuulat, Seksikauppa, Uudet tuotteet, Anaaltapid

Metal Plug with Suction Cup

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Saatavuus: Varastossa

SKU: 05370630000

17,95 €

'Fun temperature play!

This elegantly shaped plug, which is made out of a mixture of materials, makes temperature play possible.

The plug itself is made out of metal and retains heat or cold very well, while the practical silicone suction cup stays the same temperature so that it is easy to use and hands-free use is possible.

Complete length 10.2 cm

Insertion length 7.2 cm, Ø 3.4 cm.

Metal, chrome-plated, silicone, PU.