PVC Duotone balls, lateksist rõõmukuulid


Pehmed, lateksmaterjaliga kaetud rõõmukuulid.

Kuulide sees olevad rasked metallkuulid tekitavad liikumisel erutava mehhaanilise vibratsiooni.

Kuulikeste läbimõõt 3,5 cm

5,90 €

Benefits and Usage Ideas

  • For Solo Adventures: Use the PVC Duotone Balls as a tool to discover what excites you. Their unique vibrating effect can help you explore your body in new ways, leading to a deeper understanding of your pleasure points. Rejuvenate Your Relationship: Introducing these pleasure balls into your intimate moments with your partner can open up new avenues of pleasure. They serve as a playful and exciting way to reconnect, fostering a deeper emotional and physical bond.
  • Enhance Your Routine: The PVC Duotone Balls are not just for the bedroom. Wearing them during daily activities can provide a discreet yet exciting form of stimulation, heightening your anticipation for more intimate moments later on.

Embrace the opportunity to explore new sensations and add a layer of excitement to your intimate experiences with the PVC Duotone Balls. Whether you're venturing into the world of pleasure solo or with a partner, these balls are designed to elevate your journey, making every moment unforgettable.

BrandSeven Creations
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