The famous Russian Institute is recognized worldwide for the quality of its education. The parents of the young women who are lucky enough to enter the prestigious institution know that they will leave with all the advantages to start their professional life well. If only they knew what really goes on behind closed doors...

Lana Roy is no newcomer and she knows that according to the rules, male students are not allowed to enter the female section of the institute. But that doesn't stop her from asking Charlie Dean and Sam Bourne to spend some quality time with her. The vacations have just ended and it is difficult for the young woman to draw a line on all the moments of pleasure which they spent together. On their side, the two young men intend to take advantage again of the generous curves of their girlfriend and especially, of her sexual talents. To begin the year well, the pretty brunette finally offers them what they waited for a long time: her anus. That should give them all the necessary courage for the resumption of the courses.
Lana certainly didn't expect that Shalina Devine, the new Headmistress, would catch her right after her lovemaking and punish her in front of all her friends and teachers. That's almost worse than going to the disciplinary board.


That night, while making her rounds in the dorm, Shalina catches Lana and her roommate Veronica Leal talking after lights out. Usually very strict about enforcing the rules, the Headmistress tries to make amends with the young woman for what she did to her a few hours earlier. The softness of the caresses quickly replaces the spankings received earlier in the day. Very quickly, Veronica joins them for a a very exciting lesbian threesome. For the two young women, what could be better than receiving advice from the Headmistress herself? Shalina was pleased to discover that her students had learned a lot from the previous years.

Every year, the students at the Institute place bets on which of them will seduce the most teachers. This year, it seems that the pretty Angelika Grays is on her way to winning the bet. She knew that if she gave Totti her panties at the end of class, he wouldn't be able to resist for long before falling into her arms. After class, instead of going home to his wife, he goes to meet Angelika in a deserted office. The fellatio is the specialty of the beautiful blonde and she intends to show to her professor that she deserves to have much better grades. What better way to do this than to let him take her from behind on the desk before letting him cum on her beautiful ass.


The rumours circulate quickly in the corridors of the institute and Mona Blue discovered by chance Angelika’s antics. Refusing defeat, she decides to send selfies of her posing naked to David Perry, the only other man allowed to work among all these young women. How to resist to such an invitation? The photos not being sufficient to the taste of Mona, she decides move on to the next step in her room, even if it means waking up Veronica Leal who joined her recently. The two young women are determined to show their teacher that they have also retained everything they learned the previous year. Even though anal sex was not on the curriculum, he is pleased to discover that they must have practiced a lot during the summer break.

Shalina Devine wants to make sure that everything goes smoothly in the new year and that nothing can be held against her by the administration. So when she catches the trio in action, she knows she'll have to strictly enforce the discipline rules she has set herself. She certainly did not expect that her own lesbian antics would be discovered. The rules apply to everyone, even to her and Totti and David Perry intend to remind her of this. Faced with her own mistakes, she has no other choice than to submit to the desires of the two men. And if in fact she was only waiting for that? After having proved to them that she mastered fellatio to perfection, she decides to offer them her anus before letting them finish in double penetration. It's a safe bet that from now on, the rules will be much less strict when it comes to sexual relations inside the Russian Institute itself.

Actors: Angelika Grays, Veronica Leal, Mona Blue, Lana Roy, Shalina Devine


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