The Invitation



Janie (Kenna James) and Justin (Jay Smooth) are very much in love with each other, but she feels that her career is starting to take precedence over their relationship. Since she finally got the job she's been hoping for for months, her relationship has taken a back seat. Even when they're having sex, Janie is more concerned with her phone and email than with enjoying her partner. So, when Justin receives an invitation from a couple of friends they haven't seen in ages, it's the perfect opportunity to get out of their daily routine and let Janie's mind off of things for a few days. At least, that’s what they thought.

A few days later, Anthony (Codey Steele) and Sage (Vanna Bardot) welcome them to their lavish villa for a weekend of reunion and celebration. After several years of living together, they finally decided to get engaged. To celebrate this, they decided to invite several couples, but Justin seems to be the only one to be part of their “old” circle of friends. Later in the day, Greg (Roby Echo) and Natalie (Gia Derza) arrive and it seems that Sage and Natalie are a little more than friends. The two young women don't hesitate to kiss each other full on the lips in front of their respective spouses without it seeming to bother them.


As Anthony introduces Justin and Janie to his friend, the hostess and her girlfriend celebrate their reunion in style. As the conversation progresses, Janie discovers that her boyfriend may have more secrets than he seems to want to tell. Soon, Janie realizes that their hosts have a much more liberated sexuality than they seem to. While talking with sage, she also discovers that before she met him, justin also had a more dissolute life than now and he seems to have been much closer to the couple than he tries to make out.

The next day, Michael (Jessy Jones), Katie (Destiny Cruz) and Rachel (Bella Rolland), the last guests, finally arrive. Now that all the guests are there, the serious things can finally begin but a small uneasiness settles when Janie and michael see each other. A few years ago, they were together and michael cheated on her several times. Since then, the young woman finds it hard to trust people, and mostly her boyfriends. And what if she still had feelings for him?


Once the misunderstanding is cleared up, Janie discovers that the invitation to spend the weekend with Justin's friends wasn't so innocent. All the guests have very loose morals and the planned "commitment ceremony" is not a simple engagement party after all. Janie was initially confused and ready to leave the party, but finally decided to go through with her fantasies and participate in this moment dedicated to group fun. What if this very special weekend was just the beginning of new adventures and discoveries designed to strengthen her relationship?

Casting Kenna James, Vanna Bardot, Bella Rolland, Destiny Cruz, Gia Derza

Duration 3h 15min

14,90 €
BrandMarc Dorcel
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