The Sports Teacher


A very sexy brunette who feels good about herself, Cléa is a sports coach at home. Her days, she spends them in the luxurious villas of her bourgeois clientele, getting Madame back in shape and making Monsieur a hard-on...

At Mya and Ricky's, she applies a special program so that this pretty couple regains their libido: gym on the ground, stretching in the swimming pool and... surprise threesome, to the delight of Ricky, who shamelessly watched Cléa from the start. of the session!

The day progresses and it's Victoria and Rico's turn to receive Cléa's care. With them, the coach has less effort to make: all she has to do is start the machine by providing Rico with an unforgettable blowjob before slipping away, and let the two lovers finish the job!

Anyway, it's time for the very special coaching of Yann, a well-preserved forty-year-old who treats himself once a week to Cléa's company... And when we say company, we mean the same thing as you: Endowed with an oversized penis, Yann has no trouble convincing his coach to continue the session on the gym mat, for an intense sodomy scene...

Another busy day for the most dedicated sports teacher!

Cast: Cléa Gaultier, Mya Lorenn, Victoria Beauregard

Duration 1h 20min

14,90 €
BrandMarc Dorcel
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