Power struggles, money, sex and corruption. This young Parisian lawyer doesn't know it yet, but by agreeing to defend her new client, she is starting to play a dangerous game in spite of herself.

From prisons filled with criminals to nightclubs run by the underworld, from the luxurious offices of Justice to the most sordid slums of the Capital, the investigation led by the beautiful and ambitious Anna takes you into an incredible universe where perversions , dangers and pleasures coexist at every moment.

Anna will for example be brought to exhibit her intimacy in the middle of prison in front of an inmate. Ava, her B.C.B.G. friend, will find herself cornered in a cellar at the mercy of four sinister mobsters.

Actors Anna Polina Lola Rêve Ava Courcelles Emy Russo Jay Dee

Duration 1h 35min

14,90 €
BrandMarc Dorcel
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Olet arvostelemassa:THE YOUNG LAWYER
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