Touch An Go Melon 200ml


TouchAnGo water based natural lubricants are high-quality products, provide long lasting
smoothness and reduce friction.

Lubricants have passed all the necessary state tests for microbiological indicators,
preservative effectiveness indicators and biostability, in accordance with current standards.

12,90 €

As a thickening component, the natural cellulose polymer is used.
-No sugars or sweeteners
-No added colorants
-Balanced pH level
-No greases
-No propylene glycol, which in some cases can cause allergic reaction.
-Contains panthenol, which moisturizes the skin and aids in wound healing and skin
lesions. Added glycerine enhances the effectiveness of panthenol
-Reduces dryness, roughness and redness of skin

- Washes off easily with water
-Lubricants are compatible with the materials of most toys
-No parabens
-As preservatives, sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate are used, which are
widely used in food industry, as well as in the manufacture, including children's

- Airless bottle

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