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Pituus - 76mm
Asetettava pituus - 76mm.
Ympärysmitta - 112mm leveimmästä kohdasta.
Materiaali - ABS-muovi, PU-pinnoite.
Toimii - 2 x AAA-paristolla.
Erikoisominaisuudet - Pitkä kantama, 10 toimintoa, ftalaatiton, vedenpitävä.
Huom. Tämän seksilelun kanssa voi käyttää myös silikonipohjaista liukuvoidetta.
Tarjoushinta 9,90 € Normaalihinta 19,90 €

Wirelessly controlling a full 10 modes of unique vibration speeds and patterns, the Vibrating Egg by Shots Toys stands out from amidst a crowd of similar toys.

To start with, there's over a 100 feet (or 20 meters) of range in this petite, velvety egg, letting you play from far away.

You'll be able to hand off the remote to your object of desire for control over your stimulation, even from way across the room, out in public, on get the idea.

The tint remote has a very discreet shape that fits onto a key ring or over a belt loop to keep it close; there's a nice slider that covers the actual controls when you're not using them, so no one who catches a glimpse will be the wiser.

As for the egg itself, you'll adore the firm, sexy shape that fits inside and against you naturally and pleasurably, you can even wear it under your clothing for extra secret enjoyment.

Overtop of the firm, precise plastic material, there's a silky coating that feels great against the skin and transfers the truly thrilling vibration patterns directly to you.

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