Suzie Carina- realistic inflatable doll


Experience ultimate pleasure and satisfaction with our Inflatable Sex Doll featuring a stunning 3D face and lifelike features. Designed for adults seeking something new and couples looking to spice up their relationship, this doll offers a realistic and immersive experience like no other.

This beauty captivates with her long brown hair and fully-formed hands and feet, perfect for sensual caresses and intimate moments. The removable masturbator, crafted from realistic Cyberskin, features both a vagina and anus hole for a lifelike encounter. Plus, the included vibro-bullet adds powerful stimulation for an even more intense experience.

With a complete length of 95 cm (sitting), this sex doll is made from durable PVC and TPR materials for long-lasting enjoyment. Included in the package are talcum powder for maintenance, a foot pump for easy inflation, and a vibro-bullet for added excitement. Please note, batteries (2 x AA) are sold separately.

Indulge in your fantasies and explore new heights of pleasure with our Inflatable Sex Doll. Shop now and bring your desires to life.

Benefits for Adults Seeking Something New

  1. Solo Exploration: Fulfill your deepest desires and fantasies with this lifelike sex doll, providing a realistic and immersive experience for solo play.
  2. Couple's Play: Enhance intimacy and excitement in your relationship by incorporating this sex doll into your bedroom activities, exploring new sensations and pleasures together.
  3. Variety in Pleasure: Experiment with different positions and scenarios with this versatile sex doll, discovering new ways to experience pleasure and satisfaction.
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