Koko vartalon fetissiasu kuudella remmillä


This 6 strap bondage bag is an amazing accessory that will add an element of passion and experimentation to your intimate moments.

Main characteristics:

Six Straps: This bag is equipped with six straps, allowing you to secure your partner or yourself with ease and security.

Comfort and Safety: The belts are made of safe and comfortable materials, ensuring safety and pleasure during use.

Variability: The Bondage Bag gives you the opportunity to act out your fantasies and desires, and explore new aspects of intimacy and control.

27,93 € Normaalihinta 39,90 €

Materiaali: keinonahka
Väri: musta
S Koko: 160 - 175 cm Alle 80 kg
M Koko: 175 - 195 cm Alle 80 - 100 kg

BrandHotlips - Sex toys
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