Rose Valerie, infirmiere de nuit


Are all nurses naked under their gowns? What's really going on in the changing rooms during night shifts? Do you have to sleep with the on-call doctor to get benefits in kind? This is exactly what Rose will discover in this very special hospital. Fresh out of her nursing school, the young woman quickly realizes that the "one says" are much closer to the truth than she imagined. The Director of the hospital indeed requires that his nurses be dressed only in high heels and sexy lingerie under their blouses. Here, the doctors, nurses and patients know that these young women will do everything they can to carry out their daily tasks and above all, to satisfy the slightest of their desires, even the most perverse.


Duration 1 hr 45 min

14,90 €
BrandMarc Dorcel
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Olet arvostelemassa:Rose Valerie, infirmiere de nuit
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